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How to Make Personalized Scrunchies - Unique DIY Accessories

Learn how to make your very own DIY scrunchie - the stunning one-of-a-kind scrunchie that has your name on it. You can never find that from anywhere else.

These unique DIY scrunchies can also be the perfect gifts to send to your special ones. What are you waiting for? Go make some and show them the love!

If you want to take a closer look, here is my tutorial Youtube video. Have fun watching!

Now, without further ado, let's get started with me!

Tools and Materials:

  • 2 pieces of linen fabric: 4" x 30" and 7" x 12"

  • Flat elastic

  • Sewing machine

  • Embroidery hoop

  • Needle and Threads

  • Scissors

  • Safety pin

  • Straight pins

  • Iron

  • Pen and Ruler

1. Make a basic scrunchie

First, fold the 4" x 30" cloth in half with the right side facing inwards (it will be turned inside out later). Sew a straight line across the edge lengthwise using the sewing machine.

Turn the sewed cloth inside out. You can use a pen or a chopstick to make it easier.

Thread the safety pin through one end of the elastic.

Thread the elastic through the tube. The safety pin makes it easier for you to move one end of the elastic out of the tube. Be careful not to lose the other end of the elastic inside.

Remove the safety pin. Tie the two ends together to make a knot.

Then sew the two ends of the fabric together to close the gap.

Use the sewing machine for faster results.

There you go! A beautiful basic scrunchie has come to life. Really cute, right?

Now, let's move on to make the scrunchie more unique and more special, shall we?

2. Make a hand-embroidered bow

Now we're going to use the 7" x 12" cloth. Fold it in half. Draw the lines to write your name straight and evenly.

Sketch the name of yourself or your loved ones on the cloth. Keep the name low-key but visible. You don't want it to be either too noticeable or too vague.

Use an embroidery hoop to tauten the cloth. This will make the process easier for you.

Use a needle and a thread the color of your choice to embroider the name. I used the white thread to contrast with the mustard yellow background.

Done! The colors go so well with each other.

Lay the finished embroidery face down on a bigger cloth or a thin towel. This will give some cushioning and help prevent ruining the stitches. Iron the cloth to get rid of the stubborn creases.

Fold the cloth in half. Cut the corner of the folded cloth, just as shown.

Fold the cloth one more time and cut the other corner.

Rotate the cloth 90 degrees. Cut a slight diagonal line on the open side of the cloth.

Unfold the cloth. This is what it's going to look like.

Fold the cloth in half with the name facing inwards. Use the straight pins to secure the edges.

Sew along the edges. Remember to leave a small gap in the middle part for later use.

After sewing, it will look like this.

Next, thread your fingers through the gap and turn the cloth inside out.

Iron the cloth once again. Be careful not to burn the needlework.

Thread the sewed cloth through the previously made scrunchie.

Tie two ends into a cute little bow.

Ta-da! Finally, our lovely personalized scrunchie has been done!

That was How to Make Unique Personalized Scrunchies.

This is really simple even beginners can do it within 10-15 minutes. And this came out just perfect! You can wear this unique, gorgeous scrunchie anywhere, from casual meetings to elegant parties. And imagine the happy look on your loved ones' faces when they've received these sentimental gifts. There's nothing greater than that precious moment!

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial on How to Make DIY Personalized Name-Embroidered Scrunchies. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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